Sonam is a certified nutritionist and a diet expert, she truly specialises in weight management and various health related issues. Sonam plans the food and nutrition programs for her clients to help prevent diseases and obesity problems by teaching them about the role of food in their diet. She also runs food programs/ seminars in institutions, such as MNCs, schools, production houses, private groups and many other organizations. Always promoting healthy diets through her wisdom, experience and educational programs.

She's the ONE STOP for all nutrition and food related queries that anyone may have. She is passionate about child nutrition and postnatal cases, thus works closely with her clients understanding their complete profile.

At Health in Style, our practice includes studying the science of food and nutrition, and learning about our clients and their eating habits for good health, to prevent and treat illness and disease or assist with special needs. She helps people understand the relationship between food and health, and make suitable dietary choices. Founder and director of her brand name – HEALTH IN STYLE - she aims at sticking to Ayurvedic roots and food from your kitchen!

Sonam is a SRCC graduate who further pursued her passion in health industry and acquired her masters in Dietetics and Nutrition. Awarded at various platforms for her exceptional potential to work with each client at personal level , she doesn’t leave a scope for any dissatisfaction and diet doesn’t seem to be boring , rather its fun and filled with good tasty cuisines.